Richard Gozdecki


WNBF World Champion, Rich Gozdecki shows that even with a full-time job, anyone can achieve their goals and aspirations.

Time is of the essence, working 5 days a week means Rich has to prepare and plan. Most of his training sessions are intense and last up to 1.5hours. Rich hits each body part with 5 to 6 exercises with 4 sets per exercise.

Says Richard, “Training legs is my absolute favourite session of the week. It’s the only session you can look forward to all week, the come 1 hour before the session feel sick with nerves. My training partners and I really like to test our limits on leg day as we know a decent set of wheels are the foundations to a great physique.”

Rich also incorporates short rest periods and drop-sets to really work the muscles. Progression and growth is essential to his training and he challenges you to test your body, find the the training session which kick-starts your challenge.

“I’m really happy to be able to compete at such a high level and would like to stay injury free, happy, healthy and competitive for as long as possible.”


British National Drug Free Powerlifting – 3rd Place
WNBF Overall Champion – 2012 Winner
WNBF Heavyweight Champion – 2012 Winner
UKDFBA Men’s H/W & Overall Champion (WNBF Pro Card) – 2011 WNBF Pro Card (Best Presentation)
NPA Pro/Am – 2011 Winner
UIBBN World/European – 2010 Runner up
NPA British Men’s H/W & Overall Champion – 2010 (Best Presentation)
NPA Yorkshire Men’s H/W & Overall Champion – 2010 (Best Presentation)
NPA British Final – 2008 Novice runner up