Reuben Brooks

B.S. Exercise Science & Professional Fitness Model

Reuben Brooks is an exercise science graduate, certified trainer, nutritionist, health and fitness advocate and motivational life coach.

Reuben Brooks is one of the nations top weight loss coaches, a professional fitness model, author, life coach and motivator. He obtained his Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology which allows him to prescribe exercise-training methods to all populations including those with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and asthmatics, those who are obese, diagnosed morbid obesity, older populations, and pediatrics.

Reuben has established himself as a highly respected fat loss specialist, physique competitor, and fitness expert. He prides himself on delivering intelligent nutrition and training advice supported by strong academic credentials, continual educational research, hard earned experience and most importantly a solid reputation for achieving remarkable results.

“Approved by Brooks” is Reuben’s inspirational online personality that is simply a natural extension of his real persona. From Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to Youtube, fans can follow Reuben as he prepares for competitions, find out what he’s eating, receive words of encouragement and be inspired by his posts of wellness all while receiving tips to help reach their own health and fitness goals.

Reuben’s tenacious spirit is truly infectious and many would admit that his presence and personality shine with genuine positivity.
Because his life goals are to continue to help, inspire and teach. He no doubt is destined to become an icon of health serving the mind, body and soul to the world.


2013 – WBFF Worlds Las Vegas – 5th
Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology

“Help, inspire and teach.”