Dr. Matt Villanueva

NPC Competitor, Fitness Entrepreneur

Dr. Matt Villanueva is all about “walking his talk,” by living a very fit lifestyle, leading by example, and striving to educate others on how to do so too.

Dr. Matt is a graduate from the University of Southern California (Los Angeles, CA), where he earned his Ph.D. in Biokinesiology with an exercise science emphasis. He brings over 11 years of education and over 13 years of applied work experience to the USN Organization and fitness/health and wellness industry, primarily in the fields/areas of: exercise science and applied exercise physiology, exercise prescription and strength and conditioning for individuals across the lifespan, athletic performance/sport-specific training, bodybuilding and physique development training, nutrition for performance and health and wellness, and healthy aging.

In addition to being a USN Athlete, Dr. Matt is a: Fitness Entrepreneur and Published Fitness Model and Writer; Independent Performance Specialist and Nutritionist; USN Ultimate Sports Nutrition International Brand Ambassador and Writer/Expert for USNfit.com; National-Level Men’s Physique Competitor; and, Co-Director of Intensity Training Systems and Director of Health and Wellness Programming through a medically-based fitness and wellness center in Tulare, CA (Evolutions Fitness & Wellness Center: a branch of the Tulare Regional Medical Center).

Dr. Matt brings true passion, heart, and high-level energy to his career and his physically active lifestyle. Above all, he is 100% dedicated to helping others to get and stay fit for a lifetime and to positively transform, physically and mentally: “My love for a fit lifestyle and passionate pursuit of my career are about more than just guiding, educating, motivating, and inspiring you to stay active, fit, and healthy … they are about doing everything in my power to help you BELIEVE that being active, fit, and healthy is the ONLY option. Together, we can — and we will — always strive, work, and fight to be the best versions of ourselves.”

“It’s about walking the talk, living the lifestyle, and doing it with passion.”


Published author and expert in the Exercise Science and Fitness fields