Dave Titterton


The owner of the gym told me I should compete in bodybuilding so I did, and in 2004 I won the Heavy Weight & Overall titles at the Nabba North East Britain.

UKBFF Super Heavyweight Champion and 2x Mr Universe Dave Titterton has a long list of achievements in his locker.

From a young age, Dave has always had a great interest in sports and had to make that important decision of which direction he wanted to take his training.

It wasn’t until the owner of the gym he visited pushed him to take that next step and focus on competing that he decided to take on a brand new challenge.

Since then Dave hasn’t looked back with an array of titles from Mr Britain to Mr Universe, Dave is a prime example of what knowledge and focus can do to your life.

“I will be a top level pro. My goal is to get to the top and I am hungry for it!”


UKBFF Super Heavyweight Champion 2013
NABBA Mr. Universe 2010 (Class 1)
NABBA Mr. Universe 2009 (Class 1)