Founded in 2000, USN is an international market leader in sports nutrition in over 56 countries globally.

Our mission is to push the boundaries of human performance through nutrition. We ignite this passion by creating ground-breaking, and most of all, innovate products, through harnessing and creating technological shifts in sports nutrition.

Success, no matter what form it takes, and the unyielding desire of our consumers in their quest to be better, motivate us to deliver the highest quality products, that deliver the most effective results, in the shortest possible time.


At USN we pride ourselves in being one of the most trusted sports supplement brands globally, and on being recognized for our passion to innovate and deliver only safe, superior quality products to our customers around the world. our reputation for quality, safety, efficacy, and innovation was earned over many years of refusing to cut corners, and we take our responsibility to this very seriously.

USN provides a spectrum of over 250 different dietary supplement products for various applications in sports nutrition, general wellness, endurance sports, and healthy weight control support. We continuously innovate and redevelop our global product offerings, and our formulations are always based on the latest global scientific research available.

As part of our commitment to quality, USN employs a top notch R&D team in house, as well as roster of carefully selected international product specialists and consultants. Our ongoing quest for new innovation, our utilization of many patented and licensed raw materials, and finally by manufacturing exclusively at US cGMP facilities, certifies our commitment to product safety and efficacy.

USN can be found direct to consumer, as well as through major retailers including Muscle&,,, Holland & Barrett, Costco, and select health clubs, gyms, pharmacies, and FDM partners globally. We manufacture products in the United States, UK, Europe, South Africa, and Australia.